The Weekender

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  • handmade leather brown and cow fur bookbag backpack duffle bbk

The Weekender

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THIS IS A MADE-TO-ORDER item!!! Expect a 2-3 week delivery time due to the time to make and ship this item.

The Overnighter's big brother, the Weekender boasts enough space to serve as a travel bag for both of us for an extended weekend! It is...well...cavernous! Features include:

  • 2 side pockets for water bottles or anything else needing easy access
  • A front pocket, perfect for keeping your smallest items safe and secure
  • A computer sleeve to keep your laptop safe and snug
  • Colossal space inside for anything else you might need

General dimensions are:

Width: 14 inches

Height: 22 inches

Depth: 9 inches

Because these are made to order, there is a wide selection of leather and hair-on hide to choose from. Your Weekender will be specifically made for you!


Made with rich, oil-tanned leathers; naturally water resistant and pliable to resist tears from day-to-day use.

Soft and Supple

All collars are made with high quality, oil-tanned leather for the softest feel available, then treated with a coat of water sealant to protect against the elements.


A no-frills lease on toting your day-to-day essentials wherever you may go.