Hunter Harness

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  • handmade leather dog full body harness bbk

Hunter Harness

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This full-body dog harness features double leather thickness throughout. From the stitched strapping through the soft and supple double layered breast plate, this harness is built to last and grow with your dog! 

Key features of this harness include:

  • Lifting/carrying handle to aid your pupper in getting into vehicles, stairs, beds, or any elevated surface, and also to gain closer control of your fur baby.
  • Scenting leash attachment point: a welded D-ring on the under-side of the harness is available for attachment of the leash when leading dogs trailing scents. It allows you to maintain control without pulling your dog's nose up from the ground, in the way a traditional collar attachment point would.
  • Rear leash attachment
  • Traditional collar location attachment near the neck
  • Easy-on and Easy-off heavy-duty clasps at the rear
  • Buckle adjustment on front and back, left and right sides.
  • All welded ring hardware to guarantee they will never pull open
  • Adjustment strap retainer rings for controlling loose strap ends until your fur baby fully grows into the harness!

As usual, the harness comes with the warranty identified on our warranty page, and has the initial water proofing applied.

Welded Hardware

All collars feature welded D-ring hardware for security. No more snapped and broken hardware when your fur-baby gets rambunctious!

Soft and Supple

All collars are made with high quality, oil-tanned leather for the softest feel available, then treated with a coat of water sealant to protect against the elements.

Fail Safe

The inherent design our collars means even in the unlikely event of a rivet failure, your pup stays secure!